Shenzhen, one place of magic, has achieved a number of well-known, remain the world's forests local Enterprises. Shenzhen Crea-tion Dental Laboratory Co., Ltd is growing on this place.
      Shenzhen Creation Dental Laboratory Co., Ltd, a hightech Com-pany combined with product development, production and sales of artificial tooth, using the full set of imported equipment and mater-ials, introduce the latest technology of dental beautification and restoring and at home and abroad as well as the international ad-vanced 5s management mode. And import ISO9001: 2008 quality management System and successfully passed the TUV Certification.
      Creation has become China's leading position in Dental technical services.
      The development of enterprises depends on the professional and efficient team. Discovering, training and respect talents is Creation cornerstone of the culture of the people. Talent is the most valuable asset, Crea-tion offer talents the stage to display their talent. Creation is dreaming home for dental elites.
       Creation brings together many elites in the Dental industry. Using "three high"(high technology, high knowledge and high intelligence) quality to build R&D platform, forming the Creation industrial chain......
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